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Free Downloads for October 2000

Week 1 & 2

FreeRIP MP3 1.0  Free
Allows you to record digital audio tracks directly from compact discs    more info
get it
SecureOutlook 1.0.0  Free
Allows you to maintain private access to your Outlook profile   more info
get it
TrayKiller  Free
Allows you to temporarily shutdown and restart groups of background processes on your computer   more info
get it
NetPuller 2.5  Free
Allows you to query major search engines simultaneously and filter out thousands of irrelevant results   more info
get it
KK Search B  Free
Allows you to search with different search engines   more info
get it
WebCam Viewer 1.0  Free
Allows you to spy servers for webcam updates   more info
get it
SHTML 1.1  Free
A basic HTML code Editor for editing webpages   more info
get it
InstallFile 1.1.2000  Free
Allows you to replace locked files that cannot be overwritten under normal circumstances   more info
get it
Website Extractor 6.04  Free
Allows you to download websites exactly the way you want them   more info
get it
QuickTemp 2000 1.09  Free
Allows you to convert to and from degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine and Reaumur   more info
get it
Local Port Scanner 1.0  Free
Allows you to check your computer for open or listening ports   more info
get it
Bottin 2.10  Free
Allows you to maintain names and addresses, phone numbers, photos and more    more info
get it
WebInspector 1.1  Free
Allows you to scan through dozens of search engines simultaneously    more info
get it
Music Vflash 1.0  Free
Allows you to receive alerts on your favorite artists' concert appearances, new CD releases, online chats   more info
get it
SmallRouter 1.0  Free
Allows you to fix temporary routing problems   more info
get it

Week 3 & 4

Shutdown Countdown 2.0  Free
An auto shutdown program for Windows   more info
get it
HiClock 2.1.89  Free
Allows you to synchronize your system clock to the exact time using the Internet   more info
get it
PassGen 1.2.2  Free
Allows you to generate all the passwords you need   more info
get it
Cdex 1.30 B  Free
Allows you to convert CD digital audio and Wav files to MP3   more info
get it
Active Favorites 1.0  Free
Allows you to quickly access Internet Explorer Favorites (bookmarks)    more info
get it
Titanium Backup 2.1.0  Free
A file/folder zip compression utility with scripting capabilities    more info
get it
PlanBee 1.0  Free
Allows you to track and map Web sites as you surf   more info
get it
MaxxChat 1.0.4  Free
Allows you full IRC functionality and much more   more info
get it
Icon Collector 1.1  Free
Allows you to search files and directories for icons   more info
get it
MP3 Burner 0.5  Free
Allows you to convert MP3, VOX, RAW, WMA, and ACM files and burn them onto a CD   more info
get it
Sequential Starter 1.1.0  Free
Allows you to create a shortcut in the startup folder   more info
get it
Notester 0.1  Free
Allows MSN Messenger users to put "Post-It" notes on their contacts screens   more info
get it
Flexy 1.20  Free
Allows you to customize a lot of hidden Windows 95/98 settings    more info
get it
Program Lock and Protect 1.2  Free
Allows you to lock any program on your pc so it cannot be used    more info
get it
AutoExecute 1.2  Free
Allows you to automate the execution of applications at Windows startup    more info
get it
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