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Inspired by the name BORNEO meaning New Birth, the fitting and equally inspiring name of this forum. The present world in the third millennium AD is certainly in desperate need of much renaissance in many aspects of our lives. So may this timely forum work towards that direction to revive the "wrecked" world, possibly with some down to earth approaches as a coin has two sides and a circumference.

Why renaissance is needed for the world today when many may be under the disillusion that the present so called modern attitudes had gone through history of mankind? Whilst science has played its role in modern day living, it has also revealed much about the foundation of mankind in the context of the most popular and ancient LIVING Bible. We may be in the age of Information Technology with the advancement of computers. We also are told that the Torah namely the first five Books of the Bible are actually encoded. Such data as encoded can be revealed with a Bible Code computer program, only available recently.

The Truth of God remains. The human race started with God, has chosen to disregard His Truth. Isn't it time we find renaissance in our lives with the only living manual in God's Word?

My survival in the hands of God enables me to be His servant in a tough world of diverse views. Author of New Wealth Order, plus Newspaper Columnist for a long period enable me to write with a REAL Political and Social perspective. After rising from a "wilderness" of almost thirty years, my writings might have made some people crazy, as the saying goes the gifted Pen is mightier than the sharp sword.

Joshua Kong

Joshua Kong


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