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Initially it was a short holiday in Sabah, but the author fell quickly in love with Borneo, and its people. Decided to learn more about local life-styles and languages, he stayed and worked for a tour agency that organised extensive expeditions through the whole of Borneo.


For two years the author has been working on a voluntary basis at the only cultural village in Sabah, and now he is back in the tour industry taking adventurous minds to the remotest places of this beautiful and intriguing island. On his tours he gathers information on traditions and other cultural aspects of the life of the local people.


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Sabah, and Borneo in general is being developed at a fast rate. People are adapting a modern, western-style oriented life, unfortunately often at the cost of their cultural identity.

While development cannot and should not be stopped, it is a pity that it should be at the loss of so much ancient and proud history. By interviewing, collecting, and documenting the lives of the local people I would like them to recognise the invaluable richness of their past, and incite them to find a way of combining the ancient, proven lore with more recent and often imported achievements and ideas.




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