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The Legend of Tampasak, Tambunan
By George Sadangkat

Once upon a time there stood a lonely village in the Tambunan area. The village was in Tampasak where Saint Martin's Secondary School now stands. The people of that village were living in a long-house. In some of the hills around tampasak there were the holes of the dwarfs. One day the people burnt these holes out. All the dwarfs inside were killed except for two of them who were far away at the time, finding food.

One day the people of Tampasak were having a big feast. Then suddenly, to their surprise, there appeared two dwarfs in the house making their way to the kitchen. When they got to the kitchen they asked for a big piece of pork and perhaps their intention was to buy it. The woman who were in the kitchen started to laugh and spat at the two small fellows and soon everybody in the house was doing the same. This made the dwarfs very angry. The people told the dwarfs to take without payment as much as they could carry. But the two dwarfs went away, very disappointed with the people.

After the two dwarfs had gone away from the house they went to an old woman who had not gone to the feast. The dwarfs asked her for some sugar canes. She gave them as much as they wanted and they carried it to the top of the roof of the house in which the people were having the feast. There the two dwarfs started to make darts out of the sugar canes and they put poison on the tips of them.

While the people were enjoying their feast the two dwarfs started to blow their dart at them. Soon the people were dying but they did not know what the cause was. They could not believe their eyes. Many people were killed, and those who were not killed could not bury the dead bodies one by one. So they dug a big hole in which they buried the bodies all together. People say that there is large hole in Tampasak at present, full of human bones.

Source: SarawakAlive!

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Monday, September 24, 2001

  • The Legend of Tampasak, Tambunan

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