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Sunday, September 30, 2001

It will cost more to use public loo (Sarawak)

By Henry Siyu

SIBU - One needs to have 20 sen to use public toilets here if the SMC's suggestion is taken up. An additional 10 sen is needed if one uses toilet paper and a long call.

In the meantime most public toilets here are charging 10 sen per entry and an additional 10 sen for the use of toilet paper and long call. A few have long been charging 20 sen per entry.

According to the council chairman Encik Robert Lau Hoi Chiew, they needed to study the matter further before implementing the new standard rate.

On the rubbish bins in residential areas, he once again urged house owners to abide with the council regulation that filled bins must be placed by the road side at night and empty bins taken inside the house compound before 8am after collection.

House owners who do not comply will be dealt with. Lau said enforcement officers, armed with cameras, would go round residential estates to check on the offenders.

Lau who said this at a press conference at his office yesterday, expressed disappointment over the many household still using plastic bags instead of the standard bins to store their rubbish.

To keepers of dogs, he advised them not to train their pets to ease themselves at the roadsides but do it elsewhere for health reason.

Source: Sarawak Tribune

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Sunday, September 30, 2001

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