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Friday, August 24, 2001

Jetski - Brunei jetski riders for Labuan date

By Rosli Abidin Yahya

Seven jetski riders from Dean Racing will be participating in the finals of the Jet Endurance Grand Prix 2001 at the Labuan International Sea Sport Complex from August 25-26.

The seven riders, Zainuddin bin Dato Marsal, Christoper Keasberry, Baharuddin Zainuddin, Anuar Matarsad, Mamat, Lobo Osman and Talip, will be competing against top riders from Thailand and Malaysia.

Zainuddin and Anuar will be competing in the 785cc class while the rest will try their luck in the 1,200cc.

Alongside the event, another sporting activity, the 2001 Labuan Borneo X'Treme Games will also be taking place at the X'Treme Arena, Tanjung Purun, Labuan.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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Sepak Takraw - Host ready to spring surprises

By Francis Xavier

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah are determined to spring some surprises in the Sabah Open Sepak Takraw National Grand Prix 2001 that starts at the Muis Hall today and ends on Sunday.

Even though Sabah have been drawn in a tough Group C, alongside Kelantan and Penang, team manager Janis Abdullah is optimistic of scoring upset victories over their opponents.

"We are definitely the underdogs (in the group). Even though we are in a ‘critical’ group, I think we can create some upset victories," he told New Sabah Times Sport when met yesterday.

"I have spoken to the players and told them to give their best shot in this tournament. Our opponents will definitely treat us as the underdogs, and we should take that as an advantage. Furthermore, we have nothing to lose," he added.

Said Janis: "Even though the door has been closed for us to make it to the grand final, it would be a memorable feat if we can shine on our home soil."

"From the aspect of spirit among our players, they are all in high spirits and I am pretty glad to see that," he added.

"If we can score a victory against either Penang or Kelantan, we have a bright chance of making it to the quarterfinals," Janis said.

For the championship, Sabah have named Hisham Siagah, Salim Sukijan, Idi Ladinda, Shazali Sipin, Mohd Sah Jubin, Mustapa Kamal Jalil, Arintas Baalon and Mohd Sukri Sharin.

Janis said that Hisham is the tekong for their regu A, while Salim and Idi are the killer and feeder respectively. Shazali is the reserve player for regu A.

Mohd Sah as tekong will spearhead the regu B, which comprises players below 22 years old, while the killer is Mustapa, Arintas is the feeder, and Mohd Sukri the reserve player.

For the record, eight top teams will make it to the grand finals to be held after the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games in September.

This is the sixth and final circuit of the grand prix and is co-organised by Astaka and the Youth, Culture and Sports Development Ministry. Sabah will be hosting the event for the third time after hosting it 1995 and 1998.

After five circuits, Selangor lead the points system ranking with 680 points, followed by Pahang (640), Kelantan (640), Penang (600), Perak (480), Kuala Lumpur (480), Johor (440), Terengganu (400), Royal Malaysian Police (320) and Melaka (240).

The champions of this Sabah Open will be awarded 200 points while the runners-up 160, followed by 120 points for third placed team and 80 points for the quarterfinalists. Teams that finish third in the group would be awarded with 40 points.

Source: New Sabah Times

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Thursday, August 23, 2001

M-Cup Playoff - Brunei to meet Kelantan TNB

By Benny Ang

Brunei coach Mick Jones will be hoping that history can repeat itself as his Wasps have been drawn against fellow Premier Two team Kelantan TNB in the Malaysia Cup playoffs.

The first leg will be played in Kelantan this Saturday August 25 while the return home leg will take place at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium next Tuesday August 28 at an early kick off time of 4pm.

The draw is a case of déjà vu for Jones and his boys as they have been drawn against the same opponents as last year's playoffs. Then Brunei were demoted to Premier Two and were coming off a disappointing season in Premier One.

Looking for a big lift, they were drawn against Kelantan TNB and beat them over two legs to progress through to the Malaysia Cup proper.

This year hasn't been much different as Jones and his boys narrowly missed out on promotion and are now looking for a confidence booster.

The Brunei coach himself is happy with the draw and quite relishes the challenge ahead.

"I think it is a good draw for us. We have a good chance of getting through now and I think the team will be quite happy with the draw," said Jones.

Not that Kelantan TNB will be pushovers but Jones is fully aware that greater dangers could have materialised with the draw.

"We could have ended up against much stronger teams, teams on their way down to Premier Two and eager to prove their point. I think Kelantan TNB will be up for it but overall it has turned out well for us," added Jones.

The teams shared the honours during the league season with Brunei beating them here in Bandar Seri Begawan while losing to them away.

So both teams will fancy their chances of progressing but the return leg, having been shifted to a 4pm kickoff to accommodate the Visit Brunei League Champions Invitational Cup, will hold plenty of unknowns for both sides.

Still Jones maintained a good sense of humour about it all saying, "The last time we kicked off at 4pm we beat Sabah so I'm looking forward to it."

There is one less concern for Jones as the majority of his players had been on yellow card tightropes towards the end of the league season.

But with the commencement of the playoffs comes a fresh start for the players. Their slates have been wiped clean and it is now up to the match officials to rectify that again.

As for injuries and suspensions, Jones is concerned with an ankle injury sustained by his side's top scorer Subhi Abdillah Bakir.

"Subhi hurt himself in training and it is a big worry for me.

"The last thing I need is to lose a player of his calibre.

"There is every chance he will make it but we do have to be careful. Brunei needs him on the pitch at this time," added Jones.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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Football - BAFA rope in another import

By Abdul Khalik Saifulrijal

The BAFA XI has roped in another import in the like of Frenchman Johan Gouttefangeas with the departure of Dean Guyett from Australia.

According to the management and coaching staff of BAFA XI, Guyett's sudden departure was due to a below par performance shown during training sessions.

Johan's young age of 24 belies his somewhat nomadic playing career. Before coming to Brunei, Johan was in Singapore training together with Singapore football icon Fandi Ahmad.

He has played for the youth and reserve teams of St Etienne, a French club which boasts of having world renowned defender, Laurent Blanc and Guinean, Aboubacar 'Titi' Camara as their former players.

Johan also played for English team Luton Town's first and reserve teams before.

He cites French superstar, Zinedine Zidane as well as Manchester United's David Beckham as his favourite football contemporaries. It is befitting that he plays in the same position as the latter.

Although Johan is an attacking midfielder who operates down the opposition's right flank, he can also play on the left as well as in defence.

It is this versatility which could prove to be a telling factor if the BAFA XI progress through the qualifying stages. He has also scored occasionally from free-kicks although he does not describe himself as a prolific goalscorer.

Despite having participated in only one training session, Johan finds the unwavering team spirit very encouraging and that the team is made up of several quality players.

Although a late-comer, Johan pledges his best and will commit fully to BAFA XI's cause in the Cup.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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Karate - Brunei karatekas all ready for SEA Games

By K. Jafni H. Ali

Brunei will be represented by 15 karatekas for the SEA Games in KL next month. The 10 male and five female karatekas will take part in three events - Kata, Individual Kumite and Team Kata Kumite.

The 15 karatekas were selected during trials held between February to April this year and they have undergone intensive training since May.

The team comprised of Haji Malek Haji Zaini (individual Kata and team Kata), Tan Ting Hai (Kata), Hj Eddie Jofraini (Kata), Mohd Azmy (Kumite), Mohd Isyak (Kumite), Fadillah Sanif (Kumite), Wan Shahin (Kumite), Moza Syaffiarizal (Kumite), Lo Jian Ming (Kumite), Mohd Fazil Rewandie (Kumite), Sharifah Suryanti (Kumite), Azlina Hj Abas (Kata), Masdiana Hj Tengah (Kumite), Dk Ering Pg Hj Aming (Kumite) and Dk Umaimah Pg Omar (Kumite). The team is coached by a Bruneian, Ampuan Othman Ampuan Judah.

The Karate-Do team manager, Haji Malai Jefferydean Haji Malai Mohammed said the Youth and Sports Department as well as the Brunei Darussalam Karate Do Federation (Brukaf) have coordinated the selections for the SEA Games, whereby karatekas from all four districts were called for selection trials.

"Only 15 were selected for the SEA Games where they met the criteria set like good discipline, attendance, responsibility, motivation to win, exposure to local and foreign competition and participation at the Pesta Sukan Kebangsaan.

"Haji Malek, Fadillah, Md Azmy, Md Isyak, Md Fazil, Sharifah Suriyanti, Azlina and Dk Umaimah were recalled to strengthen the squad as they were familiar with the competition as they have participated in the last games in Brunei."

In the 1999 SEA Games in Brunei, the karate squad managed to bag two silvers and six bronze medals, where Fadillah snatched a silver medal while Md Fazil and Dk Umaimah got bronze medals.

In terms of pre-SEA Games competition, Haji Malai Jeffreydean said that the national team had gone to Surabaya, Indonesia last July for exposure, where they were trained by an Indonesian coach, Gustaf, who had previously coached the Brunei karate team.

While in Surabaya, they also participated in four competitions where they were impressive.

"The greatest challenge for the Brunei karate team in the SEA Games will come from Malaysia as the host country and Indonesia, which have long dominated the game around this region", said the manager.

"We won't underestimate Vietnam and Cambodia either because they had the same standard as Brunei but surely, our team will put up a good fight against them".

"It's difficult to predict which karateka will win a medal for Brunei but all 15 of them will try their best to win especially Fadillah and Hj Eddy, which have shown high spirits and marked improvement in their performances".

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Football - Rosanan pledges his best

By Benny Ang

Three imports blended in with a last-minute group of local players put together five days before the start of the tournament is hardly the best preparation for a football team looking to make a mark.

Yet that is precisely the situation facing Rosanan Samak, coach of the BAFA XI for the Visit Brunei League Champions Invitational Cup 2001.

His team were put together in the space of hours after it was revealed that Mick Jones' Malaysia Cup squad would be unable to play in the tournament, their playoffs priority prohibiting them from doing so.

Only two days from now, Rosanan's team will take to the field against Pahang in the opening match of the tournament with a huge amount of uncertainty surrounding how his team will perform.

Said the BAFA XI coach: "It's hard to expect anything from the players after they've only been together five days. The players have had very little time to play with each other and it may take time, time that we do not have."

This is in stark contrast to the way that DPMM FC, the other Brunei team in the tournament, have approached the tournament.

Having been together for some six months now, DPMM have enjoyed a thoroughly professional build-up highlighted by the tour of Singapore some weeks ago where they performed admirably against some of Singapore's best.

With five imports in their ranks, DPMM have the most foreigners amongst all the other teams in the tournament with some teams not even bringing any.

Nevertheless, all negatives aside, Rosanan issues one promise and that is his side will try their very best in all of their matches.

"We will try our very best to do well for BAFA and Brunei. We have players mixed in from Kota Rangers, Kasuka and other teams and in five days it's hard to assess how well we are going to do.

"But we will give it our best and hopefully the Brunei public can be proud of us," added Rosanan.

As far as match preparation goes, Rosanan will have just two minor friendlies, one yesterday and one today which may be enough for the coach to evaluate the level of his players.

As for his latest import Mohd Sufian Samsu Bari, this tournament will be a great chance for him to showcase his talents given that he intends to find a permanent contract in Malaysia.

"I hope that this tournament will give me good experience as well as exposure. I'm still young and I hope that teams like Selangor or Pahang can see my abilities in this tournament," said Sufian.

With age on his side, Sufian isn't that desperate for first-team action and admits that a jump to the Selangor youth side might suit him better at this stage of his career.

After just one training session, it is hard for the Malaysian to give an assessment of his team mates but was more than satisfied that they would acquit themselves well in the tournament.

"The team's quite good but I think more time to settle down would be better. Playing just a few times with them will not make us a proper team. It takes time and hopefully we can play as a team when the tournament arrives," added Sufian.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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M-League - S'wak snap up last automatic berth despite defeat

PETALING JAYA: Sarawak can thank their lucky stars for having clinched the last automatic berth for the 16-team Malaysia Cup competition.

Despite losing 0-2 to Kelantan at Kota Baru last night, the Crocs finished in ninth spot and were fortunate that their nearest challengers--Kuala Lumpur and Malacca--failed to collect full points either.

Kuala Lumpur finished in 10th place with 23 points after their last game with Negri Sembilan ended in a 3-3 draw.

Newly-promoted Malacca finished in 11th place, with 22 points, after a 1-1 draw with Selangor at the Kubu Stadium.

The top nine teams in Premier I and the top three in Premier II win automatic spots in the Malaysia Cup competition.

Penang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Selangor, Pahang, Perlis, Perak, Negri Sembilan and Sarawak qualify from Premier I while Johor FC, Sabah, NS Chempaka go through from Premier II.

The remaining four places for the Malaysia Cup will be decided from the playoffs between the 10-12th teams in Premier I and 4th-8th in Premier II.

KL, Malacca, Johor together with Premier II sides--Brunei, Kelantan TNB, Malacca Telekom, Kelantan JKR and Kedah JKR--will compete in the home-and-away Malaysia Cup playoffs on Aug 25 and 28.

The draw for the playoffs will be conducted at the Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya today.

Meanwhile in Johor Baru, the home team suffered another 4-0 whitewash at the Larkin Stadium last night.

It was the Scorpions' third straight 4-0 Premier I defeat--this time Pahang were the victors.

Earlier, relegated Johor were beaten 4-0 by Perlis and Perak.

The Elephants were so confident of winning that they rested first choice goalkeeper Mudzar Mohamad. Reserve Azrul Hisyam Yusoff was on duty and it was an easy night for him.

In contrast, Johor custodian Othman Katmon had to work doubly hard to prevent a massacre.

The Elephants, however, could only manage to prise open Johor's defence after 41 minutes for a 1-0 half-time lead. Jalaludin Jaafar was the scorer.

In the second half, Pahang went two-up in the 54th minute through skipper Ahmad Shaharuddin Rosdi.

Nine minutes later, Ahmad Shaharuddin put his name on the scoresheet again when he capitalised on Johor's lapse in concentration for a 3-0 lead.

Ahmad Shaharuddin then turned creator, sending in a corner for substitute Khairul Nizam Haniff to head past Othman in the 69th minute.

Source: The Star

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Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Football - Third import for BAFA

By Benny Ang

Not content with securing the services of the two Australian imports, Shaun Molenda and Dean Guyett last week, BAFA have signed on their third import player for the Visit Brunei League Champions Invitational Cup 2001 starting this week.

He is Mohd Sufian Samsu Bari, a 20-year-old Malaysian who arrived late last night to join the ranks of the BAFA XI, one of two Bruneian teams in the tournament.

Sufian is an attacking midfielder who can also play as a forward giving BAFA XI a nice blend of imports with Guyett a central defender and Molenda a defensive midfielder.

While the Malaysian is an unknown quantity, the fact that he comes recommended by the Singapore legend Fandi Ahmad is a nice sign for BAFA.

Sufian played for the Geylang Prime League team, a feeder team for the S-League Geylang United and had dreams of making it big in Singapore.

But being just a Singapore Permanent Resident, Geylang were unable to register him under their local quota and Sufian soon returned to Malaysia in hopes of securing a contract there.

He attracted the scouts of the Selangor FA but with the registration deadline closed, he now has to wait until next season to play competitive football again.

But Bruneians will be given a first glimpse of the Malaysian who will pull on a BAFA jersey in just a few days time.

The other two imports, Molenda and Guyett were revealed as BAFA's first two imports last weekend and it is believed that BAFA are not stopping here either with at least one more import on the shopping list.

Meanwhile, coach of the BAFA XI, Rosanan Samak has also selected his local players that will be complementing the imports.

Among them are few national team stalwarts that Mick Jones has loaned in Abang Norsillmy Abang Hj Taha, Jefry Mohammad, Sufri Mohammad and Ak Md Shahrin Pg Hj Ismail.

But the rest of the team are a makeshift group of youngsters and proven veterans that should perform solidly under the leadership of Rosanan, himself an ex-national player.

Rosanan will have the services of Zaini Tumih as his assistant coach while the team will be managed by the duo of Hj Shukri Zain and Hj Asmali Hj Mohamad.


Abang Norsillmy Abang Hj Taha, Alias Hj Bakir, Jefry Mohammad, Ak Md Shahrin Pg Hj Ismail, Ali Hassan Hj Liman, Endy Vyzunny Hj Zainuddin, Hazriman Abd Rahman, Hj Kahirol Hj Md Yaakub, Hj Rosmady Hj Bangkol, Hussin Hj Moktal, Khairul Salleh Hj Abd Rahman, Mohd Hardyman Abd Lamit, Mohd Salihin Abdullah Gampar, Mushiready Hj Zainuddin, Sufri Mohammad, Shaun Molenda, Dean Guyett, Mohd Sufian Samsu Bari.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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M-League - Sabah striker wins Premier 2 golden boot

By Catherine Ong

KOTA KINABALU - When national under-23 striker Fareed Shah Hassan stunned Sabah by turning his back on a letter of intent for the new season, the Rhinos were almost left with a blunt attack.

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise instead for Sabah soon landed last year's golden boot winner, Shahrin Majid, who was having problems of his own with Kuala Lumpur.

And despite the initial controversy, Shahrin soon proved to be a good buy - the fact that he won the Premier II golden boot award with 12 goals bears testament to his scoring prowess.

The veteran ex-international says he would now focus his attentions in helping Sabah do well in the Malaysia Cup which will be held after the SEA Games next month.

"Winning the golden boot is just a bonus," said Shahrin yesterday. "I would have preferred if we had won the Premier II title more than an individual award".

But when it mattered most, Shahrin and Suharmin Yusof who has 11 goals to his credit, fired blanks in the match against Kedah JKR, and with the result a dismal draw, Sabah had to be contented to play second fiddle to a club side.

"Very simple, the players did everything I asked, but just couldn't score," said a rather subdued Ken Worden on return from Kedah. "With a bit of luck we could have scored two or even three goals. But their goalkeeper was in superb form. And even when beaten, the woodwork saved them on one or two occasions.

"We did everything but score. When it's like that its football," Worden said. Added the Aussie: "We were the better team, minus the luck. When you cannot score, you cannot win, nothing I can really say other than that."

The second-best finish saw the Rhinos pocket RM50,000 in prize money plus another RM17,500 under the FA of Malaysia cash incentive scheme. Johor FC meanwhile bagged RM75,000 and another RM20,000 in incentives.

Worden said: "Well obviously the plans really are to have a good show in the Malaysia Cup. There is no point talking about winning the Malaysia Cup when you can't win the second division. I'm trying to be realistic now. But

like what we have seen, we seem to do much better when we played against teams such as Selangor, Pahang and Perak than against club teams," he added.

"So, obviously I'm going to change the system a little to make us a bit more positive. After the break, we will do physical work a few days to get them back in shape. Then we'll try to make the system where it lands more

strength in midfield. Although we have been putting strength in the back we've been conceding goals of late even with back three or a back five.

To a question, Worden said he is not planning to sign new players for the Malaysia Cup but added: "I will just let the management tell me what they want to do regarding that."

On the Rezuan Aman Khan and Mohd Jaya Kassim, who have yet to pass the Copper Test, Worden said: "As far as I'm concerned, they are finished. It is nothing to do with the Sabah FA or my policy, but the FAM's policy.

"If they wanted to play for the state bad enough, they should have made it. Quite frankly - I find it a disgrace that a 20-year-old can't do 7 laps in 12 minutes. In fact one of them can't even do six laps.

But I'm really pleased with the atmosphere of the team at the moment - but obviously finishing has been the problem, but just not been able to get a goal when we been on top of the team," Worden said.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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M-League - K'tan wants 3rd spot while S'wak needs a draw

By James Wong

PETALING JAYA: Kelantan feel they fully deserve the third placing and they are not about to let up against Sarawak when both teams clash in the final match of the Premier I season in Kota Baru tonight.

Having raised a few eyebrows with their gritty performances this season, the newly promoted Kelantan side will be seeking a win to cement the third spot and the RM75,000 prize money and another RM20,000 in incentives.

Sarawak may have other ideas as they need a draw to confirm the ninth spot and direct entry into the Malaysia Cup, but Kelantan coach K. Rajagopal also has his own reasons to go for a win.

He will make his way into the history books as the coach who brought the Kijangs to third place in the top division, the highest ever position achieved by the east coast side.

Kelantan were sitting pretty in second spot until the last game of the first round when they lost 0-1 away to eventual champions Penang.

For the entire season, they have been among the top three sides and it will be a big blow if they are to drop one rung in the final match of the season.

Ironically, Rajagopal's team is under threat from outgoing Premier I champions Selangor, the team he led to the league crown last year.

Selangor will leapfrog to third with a win over lowly Malacca tonight if Kelantan failed to record maximum points.

"By hook or by crook, we will be going all out for a win. The third place will be the greatest achievement for Kelantan and it will be a fitting end for the fans," said Rajagopal.

Although key players like Rosli Omar, Tuan Kamree Tuan Yahya and Nik Fadli Nik Leh are injured, Rajagopal is confident his team of inexperienced players can rise to the occasion.

"We deserve the third placing. We have been occupying the spot for most of the season thanks to the hard work of the players."

Kelantan beat the experienced Sarawak side 1-0 in Kuching in the first round and Rajagopal will be hoping to repeat the feat.

Source: The Star

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